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It is very easy to get more impressions from Love Sites Network. Just let other webmasters know about our dating banner exchange. If a webmaster registers in our network, your account will automatically be added with extra impressions every day. Amount of extra impressions will be equal to 10% of all impressions this webmasters makes. Naturally, these impressions will be taken from the whole commission of the network. Another words, as commission of our network is 20% (exchange ratio 5:4), then a half of 20% (i.e. 10%) will be automatically transferred to your account and you can use these extra impressions to advertise for your web site.

It will be very profitable for you as your referrer may turn out a webmaster that has tens times more impressions than your web site has. In that case amount of extra impressions you get can be more than amount of impressions you have from your own website! More over, a few of webmasters with small sites can also add appreciable amount of extra impressions to your account.

You may use two ways to let other web masters know about Love Sites Network:

  • Using our affiliate link that automatically put in exchange HTML code you should place on the pages of your website. Please, remember that according the rules of our network, you mustnít change the HTML code you get from us, and you have no right to delete this link.

    Dating Banner Exchange

    Affiliate link

  • Using additional banners or text links you may place on the pages of your web site. Keep in mind that these additional banners and links are more effectively to place on that pages of your website that are for other webmasters (for example, pages for link exchange, partner programs etc.) Banner code and text link code you can see below.

    Banner 468x60

    Dating Banner Exchange

    Code for banner

    Text links

    Dating Banner Exchange

    Code for text link 1

    Free Dating Traffic
    Effective banner exchange for dating webmaster

    Code for text link 2

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