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Please read our rules

All partners of banner exchange are required to agree to the following rules. Anyone found in deliberate violation of these terms and conditions is subject to being banned from Love Sites Network. By joining Love Sites Network, you implicitly agree to our rules:
  • Only sites related to industry of dating are allowed. Those sites are limited to love, romance, marriage, matchmaking, personals, dating sites and sites for singles and about singles.
  • No "Adult" sites are allowed on the network. This includes, but is not limited to sites containing nudity and/or sexual content.
  • You MAY NOT change the supplied HTML code in ANY way. The HTML code for your banner must appear in your page EXACTLY as it will be given to you.
  • NO CHEATING - this includes but not limited to: hidden banners, autoreloading pages, etc.
  • You may meet with a situation when CTR of banners of other participants of the network on the pages of your website is too less than average CTR of the network. In that case, if your website has more than 10000 impressions a day, we have the right TO FINISH OUR COOPERATION, because it can make the effectiveness of advertising of other partners of the network lower. Please, place our banner code on more visible places of your website pages to avoid such situation.
  • Banner must be 468x60 or 120x240 pixels, a maximum of 20K in size and can be GIF, JPG or animated GIF.
  • During your first month you get a 10:8 exchange. Every month thereafter your exchange ratio will "slide" up or down depending on how many clicks per 100 impressions you generate.
  • We respect and value each member of our banner exchange network. But we reserve the right to reject, disable or edit exchange rates on any account where cheating is noticed, where there are low click rates, auto-generated traffic or other activities that will affect the qualify of traffic on our network. This impacts all our members, and our members come first.
  • Love Sites Exchange Network accepts no responsibility for the content of member sites, and no liability of any kind for damages of any sort arising from membership of the banner exchange scheme.
  • Love Sites Network administrators reserve the right to modify, or change these Rules.

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